Friday, 15 August 2008

Reporting from the glamorous world of showbiz...and I’m bloody exhausted!

Fringe madness has begun and it occurred to me that I completely neglected to blog the amazing time I had last year during the run of Waiting for Groucho, which considering some of the fantastic experiences and shows we had that is a crying shame. So since this is my first day off since the 31st I thought I'd take this opportunity to document some of the fun had thus far.
Things kicked off on Thursday 31 July with the rather spectacular List Magazine's Festival Launch Party at the glamorous (and prestigious!) Spiegel Garden. Apart from the fact that the weather was a tad inclement I thoroughly enjoyed swanning around as a silvery, white feathered show girl – even if my feathers did get a bit soggy and my complimentary bottles of 1881 beer didn't quite go with my outfit!

Myself, Daiquiri Dusk, Vendetta Vain & Cat Aclysmic were also assisting to promote TEAZE at the event, a glamorous burlesque fundraiser in aid of St Columbus Care Hospice that we will all be appearing at on Friday 22 August at Studio 24 – see my calendar for details.
Then from one party to another we swung by The Stand Comedy Club's Launch Party for a quick drink and injection of laughs before calling it a night. We got there just in time to see Tom Stade, one of my Fringe favourites, if you are looking for some comedy on your Fringe Wish List do try and see him (and Phil Nicol).

Sunday 3 August saw Rufus T Fahrenheit and I appearing at the first night of Fringe institution The Bongo Club Cabaret, as always this was riotously good fun and we were well looked after by fabulous producer – Wild Card Kitty. Our compere for the evening was Luke Wright, the motor-mouthed performance poet, whose wit and charm held the evening together splendidly. He has two shows this year at the Underbelly – Who Writes This Crap? and a Poet's Work is Never Done.Also on the bill was the beautiful, mini-starlette Amelie Soliel, the hula-hooping pocket rocket Anna Lamb (awesome!), international drag sensation Bunny Galore, our friend and wonderful performer Miss Leggy Pee and some rather handsome boys from a dance show at the Udderbelly for whom my only complaint was that they didn't remove their t-shirts! Phew, thanks to sponsorship from Red Stripe the beer and chat was flowing until 4am – got home a touch late!

On Monday 4 August we were back in Glasgow for the first class of our Fire Performance Workshops – this was a huge success, our pupils are all naturals and we expect to have some talented fire newbies on our hands. To promote the workshops Rufus, myself and class participant Daiquiri Dusk took part in a photo shoot for Closer Magazine, Heat Magazine and weirdly enough Marie Claire, who knew women's glamour mags were so interested in fire-performance?Laura from Channel 4s online lifestyle series, Bite, was also there taking part – we had her fire-eating within the hour and she interviewed us along with some of the pupils so keep your eyes peeled for that broadcast.

And finally Tuesday 5 August – Rufus and I were hot-footing it (literally!) back to Edinburgh for a photo call with Wild Card Kitty and cabaret super-star Kitten on the Keys to promote The Bongo Cabaret. These photos are going to look super; Rufus was fire-breathing across the venues quadrangle while we ladies pouted and posed! Keep an eye on Fringe Media publications to have a look.
Following on from the shoot we enjoyed a lovely lunch and a natter with Wild Card Kitty and Kitten on the Keys where Kitten enjoyed her first taste of Haggis! Or as she called it Haggis Nips & Titties!

Rufus and I were booked later in the evening to wow the crowds at The Skinny Magazine's Festival Launch Party, this was a huge amount of fun as we ran around as our cheeky clown characters fire-breathing and fire-eating for the glitterati of the Fringe. The party was sponsored by Miller's Gin & Spicebox so hooray for complimentary booze and nibbles, it's why I got into this game.

And LASTLY we were then lucky enough to score some free tickets to see the absolutely AWESOME Wau-Wau Sisters at the Baby Belly. Good Lord those girls are fantastic – a raucous, unpredictable and downright smutty burlesque/cabaret revue. The audience are part of the show, the girls perform acrobatics whilst playing their cheeky country songs and to be quite honest you'll just need to go see it because anything I say here will just not do it justice!
This show was accompanied by several beers in the cabaret bar so I'm feeling a little fragile, a little exhausted but plenty joyful!

I'm off to relax whilst I still can as the rest of the week is going to be jam-packed; Molly Crabapple is coming to visit, there's 3 nights with the fabulous Ministry of Burlesque at the Voodoo Rooms, Rufus and I will be attempting to teach a BBC reporter how to fire-eat and juggle for a spot on the Fred MacAulay show this Friday and then of course the hotly anticipated Dr Sketchy Glasgow's Birthday on Sunday at The Arches! Phew, if I'm still alive come Monday the 11th I will report all!

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