Thursday, 11 June 2009

The Art Of Cabaret...or is it the Cabaret of Art?

So off the Subway Festival and straight into pre-production for the Glasgow Cabaret Festival.

I would like to just get this out of the way first...


This is the result of a number of factors; 1. Excitement 2. Fear 3. More Fear.

I'm excited because I think we've pulled together a pretty amazing programme and do genuinely believe this a very workable concept, I know everyone who works on a festival in an major capacity says this but in this instance it really applies without cliche, we have something for everyone. The programme is massively diverse.

In addition to this we have some pretty cool stuff that Glasgow hasn't seen before - I'm just going to give you some little highlights just now. It won't do the full programme justice so I strongly recommend you visit the website to persuse the lot and see what tickles you nethers!

Performing at And The Devil May Drag You Under at the Tron on Friday 10 July

I'm so excited about these guys, we are very lucky to have them. Coming to Scotland for the first time all the way from Tokyo via Paris to perform at our Festival - a fabulous amalgamation of visual Japanese toy-pop!

At "And The Devil May Drag You Under" they will be joined by Frayed Knot Circus' Amelie Soleil and Ed Muir, The Creative Martyrs, Vendetta Vain, Miss Leggy Pee and Frisky & Mannish all held together but the perfect Master of Ceremonies, Mr Desmond O Connor!

The Missy & Leyla Show on Saturday 11 July at the ABC

Missy Malone Leyla Rose

I think the flyer says it know what, visit the website, it's awesome! I will blog throughout the festival and keep you up to date, also you can follow Festival updates on Twitter! Get yer Tweet on!

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