Monday, 9 March 2009

Heart vs. Mind

It's strange how seemingly logical and rational individuals can be made completely loopy by certain situations. Normally said individual can be unfazed and maintain a cool head at frantic times when others are losing theirs but put them into a situation that affects them emotionally and all logic goes out the window.

I'm often fascinated by how the brain functions; it's the centre for how everything in our body works and manages certain survival functions as a matter of course - we eat, sleep and breath in and out without thinking about it but it's interesting how these automatic functions can suddenly feel impossible when it comes to matters of emotion - how does that work?

The loss of a loved one or unrequited love can render someone unable to eat, unable to sleep and sometimes you stop breathing altogether at pivotal moments.

Why do we do certain things without thinking or say exactly the wrong thing at a delicate moment? We can deliberate forever over certain decisions; what kind of car to buy, what to eat for dinner, where to buy your first house and these decisions range from trivial to very important so we take our time over them, think about the path of cause and effect before moving forward. However, when it comes to our relationships with other people we jump head first, blind, without thinking.

Even the most intelligent person, the kind that can organise, file and sort through most of their mental processess with an intricate understanding of how it all works can be made completely batshit through they way they are made to feel by other people.

I'm particularly intrigued by how this works in relation to love and what happens to the brain on that rare occasion that you meet someone who sparks a trigger somwhere in the depths of your mind - please note that I went out of my way not to say the word "soul" here, I don't like the word "soul". All sensations are connected to the mind; butterflies in the stomach, blushing accompanied by the desperation to impress, the ache born from seperation and of course that nasty, deeply embedded wrench in the centre of your chest that comes with rejection. All of these things are controlled by the brain but are impossible to overcome despite the fact that you know it's nuts, it's not rational and you eagerly try to reason with your own mind in a vain attempt to keep yourself sane.

For example; a sane person will do insane things when they feel very strongly about another individual, knowing FULL well what they might be doing is not the act of a rational, normal person. And yet...they do it...why? Why can't, with a decent sense of self-awareness, we successfully reason with our own brains?

Repitition is a key element to this sort of insanity; making the same wrong decision over and over again even though you KNOW the outcome will be the same. Painful, fruitless and stupid.

It's the worst kind of science - there's no control experiment, you keep trying different methods over and over despite the fact that you know, deep down in that big rational brain of yours, that the results are always the same.

I'm not sure if any of that made sense - I think I'm going to stop putting off Monday by watching Big Trouble in Little China (even though it's awesome!) and head to bed.

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