Thursday, 4 December 2008

Practise Pad

I think I might start utilising this blog to play around with some little vignettes I have floating around my noggin at any given time. It will hopefully be an effective method for practise.

So...spose I'll give it a bash...


Bloody opinionated...she knows that's what she's being. How can someone have that many opinions about one thing. She's getting really animated now, it's engaging and irritating to watch at the same time.


That was meant for me, was I staring too hard?

Are you alright?

Say no, say that you're not really, you've got things on your mind and you'd like to tell her that...Yeah, course, why wouldn't I be?

Were you listening to what I was saying?

Yes and not really, don't say that though. Don't tell her you are always listening but you don't always take it in because you can't help but think of things she's said before...Nah, not really, you bore me.

Fucksake...I'm a dick, but she finds that funny, she thinks I'm funny.

Ha ha - that's fine, you're too stupid anyway.

She doesn't mean that...I don't think she means it anyway, besides, she's probably right.

Can I have a cigarette?

I like the way she smokes a cigarette, she's one of those few people who really, really enjoys it without being heavily addicted. Secretly she likes smoking because of the way it looks, some form of vintage nostalgia thing. That strikes me as silly...but in a nice way

Don't look at me like that

Oh, wait, how was I looking? Did my thought process translate as disapproval... smoking is bad for you.

So's your face

I think she's funny too. Better give her a cigarette

You smoke...

Yeah, but I don't care what happens to me

Oh but you care about what happens to me?

She smirks at me as though she's caught me out in some elaborate lie

Here, smoke...have two, smoke yourself silly!

She's looking at me with a furrowed brow, I think she sensed the very subtle snap in my tone that surprised even me...I feel bad now.

Are you sure you're alright?

Yeah, really, I would tell you if I wasn't

She doesn't smirk this time, she hasn't caught me, my lie stays airtight. She's looking at me, biting her bottom lip, this makes me feel weird...

You know something...

She leans in, eyes wide and expectant...what?

Has anyone ever told you...

She plays with the cigarette I gave her, almost nervously

...that you're funny looking.

She laughs, relaxing slightly but not completely.

Let's go smoke

I follow her outside, kicking myself every step of the way

DONE - Don't know what that is but it was fun to play around with dialogue - internal vs external.

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