Monday, 1 December 2008

Monday, Bloody Monday

This is going to sound cliche but up until fairly recently I didn't really appreciate the full meaning of this particular cliche but weekends are far too short!

As I've mentioned before I've recently started a new stage in my career that involves working Monday to Friday, 9 til 5pm and I think I'm really struggling. Before now I have always worked a shift pattern; working in the arts normally means that shift work is inevitable and because I never knew any different I assumed that working 9 until 5 was probably better, everyone leads you to believe that. But now that I'm actually doing it...well, I don't know, it's a bit too routine.

I used to quite enjoy having a couple of random days off in the middle of the week; maybe a Tuesday and Wednesday or Thursday and Friday - it was good to mix it up. That and there was the added bonus of it being relatively quiet to drink in town midweek, much fewer fuckwits cutting into my drinking time with their obnoxiousness!

Monday flies through to Friday fairly quickly but oh boy is the weekend over even faster - they should really make weekends three days, two is not enough.

The routine of the week makes it feel like time is literally slipping through my fingers and more alarmingly slipping away from me completely before I even had a moment to assess what I might have done with it given half a chance...or even a quarter of a chance...there's a lot you can do with a cheeky wee half!

Even this blog, I started writing this on Monday (hence the title) and it's been published on Tuesday...where the fuck did Tuesday spring from?

When you really sit down and think about how much time you spend doing things you don't really like, well, you'll give yourself a fright followed by gin soaked wallowing. So best not to dwell on it really...I think I speak for most of my peers when I say work = boo!

So effectively what I want to be able to do is manage my time to it's full potential; this should include working in some format to pay the bills and keeping me in the style to which I am accustomed, acheiving all my goals and seeing the places I want to see, an hour for lunch, making sure I spend enough time having good chat with my friends and family, quick shower and fitting in some leisure time before bed.

This could be linked to my aforementioned issue with sleep...there are 24 useable hours in every day you know.

I think I'll go spend 4-6 hours putting all this into a colour coded spread sheet...

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Miss Carrie said...

Well didn't you listen to Dolly when she said, "9 to 5, they've got you where they want you, there's a better life, and you think about it, don't you?"

Although I do work daytime (rarely 9-5 though), I too quite like having the wee random days off that aren't weekends. That said, I can have any days I like off, which is nice. I get to swan around picking up pants across the country because I don't work conventional working days/hours! Rock and roll.