Monday, 9 November 2009

Why I have changed my Blog...again!

Because in its previous incarnation I was never inspired to write anything. The reasons for this are several. The first being it was presented under the monniker of "Lucille Burn"- my cabaret singing alter-ego. I felt this was limiting because by writing on behalf of Lucille I was blurring the lines between who I am and the sort of thing that Lucille should be saying versus the perceptions of the character. I have since realised this was silly.

Lucille doesn't need a blog, she has a MySpace -

Secondly, things that spew from brain on a day to day basis tend to be short and meandering which is why we have Facebook.

And thirdly, I just wanted my blog to represent who I am and I think this is it, I reckon there's a chance it will be more interesting this way.

So there you go...

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